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Step in my world- Masterminding Me!

It's not just about clothing; it's a thriving movement, an ongoing voyage of self-discovery, and a vibrant celebration of individuality.

With the mindful designs I’ve created, from "Mind Your Busine$$" to "Mindset Reset," to the iconic "Authentic" athleisurewear – the potential power is unlocked for all of us on a path to self-mastery.

Join me to engage in your own incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth!

-P.Shaye, Owner

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Get our original best selling bra: This Is For Me, Not You!

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Masterminding Me "I Earned This" Women's Compression Bra - Black and White Black and White Compression Sports Bra Living Authentically Unisex T-Shirt I'm Working Out - Do Not Disturb Ladies’ Muscle Tank Masterminding Me Black & White Compression Leggings

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